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ABsize Inc.
S-cube 324, 130-42, Nagasone-cho, Kita-ku,
Sakai-shi, Osaka, 591-8025, Japan
ABsize USA, Inc.
10 S. Third St, 3rd Floor,
San Jose CA, 95113, USA

For Investors


ABsize Inc. is a nanotechnology / nanomedicine company. Using its proprietary technology platform, Laser-induced Nanolization Technology (LiNTEC), ABsize is developing a novel nano-drug product pipeline, and partnering with pharma / biotech companies to developing their new products. LiNTEC is a non-thermal and non-contact physical process to nanolize poorly water-soluble molecules without chemical change, thereby increasing water solubility, improving bioavailability, and creating new formulations and delivery route.

Pharma industry, under great pressure of product patent expiry and generic competition, is urgently looking for best life cycle management strategy. Many marketed drugs and developing candidates have poor water-solubility and/or permeability.

LiNTEC is a platform technology that prepares long term stable nanoparticles of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), resulting in greatly increased surface area and much improved solubility. Particle sizes are tunable and typically ranging from 1 to 300 nm. It is an effective solution to poor water-solubility problem and enables product opportunity of new formulation and delivery format. LiNTEC has been developed in Professor Masuhara’s Lab of Osaka University.

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Management Team


Isamu Oh, Ph.D.,
LiNTEC inventor, professor of Osaka University; co-founder of Hanaphi and Neubrex.


CJ Wang, Ph.D.,
former VP Bus Dev of VIVUS, Abmaxis and TaiGen Biotech; VP Marketing and Bus Dev of Cellomics; Dir. Licensing & Acquisition, Packard Bioscience.

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Company Profile

Company Name ABsize Inc.
Foundation Jan 10th, 2007
Our Office 10 S. Third St, 3rd Floor, San Jose CA, 95113, USA
Tel. 1-858-356-7464
Fax. 1-408-521-0286
Osaka Office
S-cube 324, 130-42, Nagasone-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka, 591-8025, Japan
Tel. +81-72-257-3505
Fax. +81-72-257-3503
→Access Map
Kobe office 2-2, Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0047, Japan
→Access Map
CEO CJ Wang, Ph.D.
Founder/CTO Isamu Oh. Ph.D.
Director Teruki Sugiyama
Director CJ Wang Ph.D.
Auditor Yoshimaro Ito
Scientific Officer Dr. Hiroshi Masuhara  Professor Emeritus of Osaka Univeristy
Dr. Hideki Yoshikawa  Chairman and Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Dr. Noriyuki Tsumaki, M.D. Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Current Investor VCs Nippon Venture Capital, Future Venture Capital, Angel Capital, and Resona Capital, Co., Ltd.

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In 1999

LiNTEC was pioneered by Prof. Masuhara, Osaka University


January: ABsize, Inc Founded in Osaka by Isamu Oh, CEO
March: Kobe office opened
April: Kobe laboratory opened
USA subsidiary (launching in the end of 2007)


February: ABsizeUSA Inc. was founded.

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